About The Wildlife Experience Art Gallery

Founded in 2002, The Wildlife Experience strives to inspire a new generation of conservationists and outdoors enthusiasts by bringing visitors closer to wildlife and fostering the desire to experience the outdoors through its collection of fine art. The Wildlife Experience became part of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver in 2015 and continues as a wildlife conservation museum featuring fine art. The museum houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculpture and photography. The fine art collection exhibit is devoted to wildlife conservation efforts and presents a wide range of wildlife subjects. Located on the first floor of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver, we offer a wonderful experience for all who visit.


CU South Denver

Higher education, Globeology, Science on a Sphere, outdoor programs, community events, K-12 education, theater, rotating exhibits and more continue at the Liniger Building at CU South Denver.

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